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4 Excellent Reasons to Consider At Home Care For Your Loved One

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4 Excellent Reasons to Consider At Home Care For Your Loved One

There’s no doubt that your loved one can no longer live alone. Before assuming that means moving into some sort of facility, consider looking into the possibility of arranging for at home care for your loved one. This solution works well in a number of situations and may be the right one for you. Here are a few reasons why this is an approach you want to consider closely.

Your Loved One Can Still Manage Many Basic Tasks

There’s a limited number of tasks that your loved one should no longer attempt to do without some sort of help. Overall, it’s possible to do many of the things that your loved one has done for his or her entire life. In this instance, the focus is on providing support with the handful of activities that can no longer be managed alone.

For example, your loved one can move freely through the house but should not climb on anything, not even to reach something on an upper shelf. It could be that preparing meals is not something that can be done alone any longer. If that’s the case, hiring a care giver who can handle those tasks while your loved one continues to do whatever is within his or her ability is the right approach.

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Giving Up a Home is Emotionally Difficult

Your loved one spent decades in the home and loves being there. It’s not just the house itself with the familiar layout and surroundings. There are a lot of happy memories contained in those walls. Giving all of of those up is not something that your loved one wants to do right now.

Why insist on a move unless there’s a strong reason to do so? A better approach is to arrange for a live-in caregiver who will provide the support your loved one needs. That will mean continuing to live in the home and be happy in it.

Retaining the Sense of Independence

Another reason to remain in the home has to do with feeling self-sufficient. That’s not always easy to maintain when a move into some sort of assisted living facility takes place. Even with the most expansive arrangement, there are still rules to observe. That can amount to a loss of independence in the eyes of your loved one.

By contrast, arranging for some sort of at home care does allow your loved one to still feel in charge. While it’s true that there’s a professional taking over certain tasks, your loved one still feels free to move about as desired, adjust when meals are served if the mood strikes, and in general make most of the decisions about how the house is ran. That can mean a lot for anyone who wants to feel in control of their lives.

A Cost-Effective Solution That Suits Everyone

Money is bound to be one consideration that must be addressed. Assuming that your loved one’s health makes remaining in the home a possibility, do look closely at the financial benefits. Typically, it’s less expensive to have a caregiver some in for several hours a day or even live in as part of the household rather than move to an assisted living facility. Crunch the numbers while paying close attention to the type of help your loved one needs. You may find that care at home really is the right choice financially as well as in other ways.

At all times, the goal is to choose a living arrangement that’s in the best interests of your loved one. If medical professionals and others indicate that care in a home setting is a viable option, look at it closely. In the long run, your loved one will be a lot happier.

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