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4 Questions to Ask Senior Placement Services Colorado Springs CO Before Choosing a Facility

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4 Questions to Ask Senior Placement Services Colorado Springs CO Before Choosing a Facility

Evaluating local senior living facilities requires more than a cursory look to see if the place is clean. There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right living arrangement. Opting to work through one of the senior placement services Colorado Springs CO is a great strategy for qualifying local options and ultimately identifying the best one. Along the way, be sure to ask the following four questions.

What Qualifications Are Required of the Staff?

This is a major question that should result in a detailed response. What you hope to learn is that the facility under consideration has specific requirements that all staff must meet. That includes a certain level of caregiving and medical training for those who provide direct care to the residents. Kitchen staff should be up to date on how to prepare meals properly and what it takes to ensure the kitchen remains in full compliance with local health standards

Even those who are hired to provide security for the facility must be fully trained and properly certified. While you may end up getting more information than you bargained for, this is one of those situations where having additional information is a good thing. It tells you that the facility owners place a high premium on taking proper care of the residents.

How Many Residents Does the Facility Currently Have?

This is slightly different from asking how many units there are to accommodate residents. Your goal is to find out if the facility is nearing capacity or if there are multiple units that are not in use. There are a couple of things that the response will tell you.

A facility that’s been established for some time and has less than a 50% occupancy rate might have issues that motivate people to not remain there for very long. Low occupancy does mean you should ask about the resident turnover rate, specifically how many per month choose to move to other facilities. If the facility is new, the low rate could be because word is just beginning to spread about what’s available. Assuming the turnover rate in the new facility is low, it’s still worth considering.

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Are Resident Needs Assessed on a Recurring Basis?

The answer you want to this questions is yes. From there, find out what you can about how often those assessments take place. Your goal is to know that as the needs of your loved one changes, the level of care and attention provided will also adapt to the new circumstances.

Many senior placement services Colorado Springs CO are aware of facilities that can provide varying levels of care on the same campus. While it may mean your loved one would eventually be transferred to a different building or wing, it’s nice to know that he or she could continue to be part of the same community.

How are Meals Prepared? Can the Staff Accommodate Special Dietary Needs?

Do clarify how the meals are prepared and served. There’s often a central dining room and a menu that’s published each week. Many residents may choose to take their meals together.

You also want to confirm that meals delivered to the units is also an option. This is especially important if there are mobility problems. Remember to ask about preparing meals for those with certain health conditions. Knowing that it’s possible for your loved one to enjoy low carbohydrate meals or selections that are low in cholesterol will definitely make the facility more appealing.

Never hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind. You’ll find that the best facilities welcome those questions and take the time to provide direct and complete responses. If any facility fails to do so, take that as a sign to look elsewhere.

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