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What are Some of the Conditions That Jungian Psychotherapists NYC Treat?

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What are Some of the Conditions That Jungian Psychotherapists NYC Treat?

Therapy is a powerful resource that can help patients overcome what seems to be insurmountable issues. Fortunately, it’s possible for Jungian psychotherapists NYC to provide the support that patients need to deal with a number of emotional conditions. Either alone or combined with some sort of medication, the results can help someone who has little hope for the future to reclaim control of their lives. Here are a few examples of the types of conditions that these psychotherapists can treat.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can take on many forms. A racing mind and a sense of the being slightly out of sync with the rest of the world are common symptoms. The same is true for sudden bouts of irritation and anger when none seems warranted. Overthinking is also common for anxiety sufferers, as are panic attacks that sometimes seem to occur for no apparent reason.

A psychotherapist can utilize counseling to help navigate through the underlying causes of the anxiety and help the patient feel more in control. As the sense of being stronger than the anxiety increases, the patient is likely to experience a more balanced mood and feel less fearful in social settings. That goes a long way toward being able to enjoy time spent with people again.

Problems With Self-Esteem

A lack of self-confidence can undermine any effort before it even begins. People with low self-esteem have difficulty seeing themselves as being equals to those who are around them. No matter what they do, there’s always someone nearby who does it better. That can lead to missing a number of opportunities in life.

One of the ways that psychotherapists help is to aid patients in identifying events and circumstances that led to this sense of not being as worthy as others. From there, it’s possible to begin attempting new things that are within the ability of the patient and begin to build some amount of self-confidence. In this way, the patient achieves a more balanced view of self and can enjoy life more.

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Coping with Traumatic Events

All sorts of events can be traumatic for different people. The death of a loved one can have a profound impact. The same is true for the end of a long-term relationship. For those who place much of their sense of self-worth in their work, a job loss can be emotionally crippling. All these can lead to experiencing a sense of trauma after the events take place.

One of the ways that Jungian psychotherapists NYC help their patients is by reviewing what has happened and the effects that developed after the event. There may also be some exploration into why those events were so hard on the patient. As more understanding and acceptance take place, the patient can begin to recover and prepare to move forward rather than feeling trapped by what took place.

General Feelings of Discontent

Some people seek therapy for reasons that may not seem immediately clear to them. For example, they may feel as if they have good lives and should be happy. The only problem is that they feel discontented and a little sad. This often triggers feelings of guilt for not being happy, which only makes the issue worse.

While it’s not some specific emotional issue that motivates the call for help, it’s possible for the psychotherapist to help the patient identify the underlying trigger. From there, it’s easier to determine what life changes or changes in perception would help the patient enjoy life again.

Never feel as if you have to suffer in silence. If something is not right, consider seeking therapy. It could turn out to be the answer that you’ve been seeking.

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