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How to Track a Phone with Smartphone Tracking App

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There are number of smartphone tracking applications that try to record real-time activities of the target users. The smartphone tracking solution is most commonly sought by parents and employers for tracking their kids and employees. 

The best smartphone tracking application nowadays is TheOneSpy, it has iPhone and android tracking solution as well. The key features are as follows.  

Location tracking with smartphone tracking app

The best smartphone tracking app TheOneSpy allows monitoring and tracking real-time movement of the target user, be it an emloyee or a kid.

This feature is keenly sought by the parents to know where there child moves around in their absence or without their knowledge. The app generates a log file that records each and every inch of the movement of the target user all the time.

The employers wants to use this feature to ensure the secrecy of the business operations. The want to know if there employee gets in connection with the unconcerned people over inappropriate locations. If this is the case, the employer can take necessary actions. 

This feature adds to the security of the target user as well. If the employee or a kid is not getting reached out, the feature can be used to know where the target user is actually located. 

This can be used in the case of kidnapping of child or employee. So, TheOneSpy vitally helps all the employers and parents in dealing with such kind of threats. 

Geo-fencing the movement 

This feature of the smartphone tracking app is a true blessing for the parents and employers. 

The end-users can restrict the movement of the target users to specific areas by assigning allowed and forbidden zones for the kids or employees. 

The parents can restrict the kids to go to crime prone areas where there can be activities of gambling, drinking, snatching and robbing. Every time the kids tries to get into the same area, the end-user gets a notification through the email. 

On the other side, the employer can restrict the movement of the employee into competitor’s place. The employer can assign the competitor’s place as a restricted or forbidden areas, whenever the employee tries to get into competitor’s place, the end-user gets a notification of the said activity. 

Social media monitoring through smartphone tracking app 

The most pressing concern for the parents of smartphone user is social media. The social media is home to having a lot of cyber criminals who look to impact kids through harassing messages and videos and multimedia. 

The smartphone tracking app allows the parents to extensively examine and monitor social media activities of the kids. 

The parent using the service can extensively monitor their kids’ activities over all the chats. The each and every bit of communication performing over the chats, and images and videos shared by the kid over the network can be tracked all the way. 

The voice notes are furnished as a vital communication source over social networking platforms. 

The voice notes can also be monitored remotely from the end-user’s phone. Last, but not the least, the VoIP and video calls made or received over the social networking platforms by the end-user, can be extensively tracked.

The parent or employer can listen to all the VoIP or video calls remotely. The calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference, if the end-user is not available to monitor upfront. 

Surround recording

The surround recording feature of the smartphone tracking application can record and track all the vital insights happening around the target user. The surrounding sounds and activities can be recorded by bugging the mic or front or back camera of the target device, which earns the end-user knowing about the happenings around. 

Website blocking

The website blocking feature earns the employer blocking a number of URLs and websites that are considered as productivity killers for the employees. If the employer blocks such websites, the employee will not be able to access all the listed websites. 

In this way, the productivity and excellence of the business can be restored. 


The best smartphone tracking application is presented alongside its key features, they are vitally important and serve all the parents and employers.

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